Saturday Night Potluck and Praise is back….

20150103_satPraiseSaturday Night Potluck and Praise returns the first and third Saturday of January as an opportunity for the united body of Christ in Blair to come together in fellowship. We’ve begun the project with pre-recorded music but look forward to putting our donated sound equipment to good use very soon.

Hope you’ll join us, and bring a dish to share….see you at 6 pm Saturday.

First Quarter 2015 dates: January 3rd, January 17th, February 7th, February 21st, March 7th and March 21st.


We need your help…

Earlier this month the Blair Healing Rooms suffered a setback when a storm blew through Washington County.  A day that started with such promise as Blair Healing Rooms opened their doors in Omaha to pray at the Cross Training Center, ended with our current Blair location flooded days before the planned launch of the new Clothed To Succeed showroom, business incubator and meeting space.

In the weeks since the storm we’ve watched as the weaknesses of the building were exposed and income opportunities lost as fixtures, furniture, surfaces and supplies were damaged while bills continued to arrive.

Blair Healing Rooms needs your help to move forward. Our dreams of a prayer house for the united body of Christ have not died. The storm did not stop the prayer, nor will it stop the praise and worship and the hand outstretched to help others. It did set us back in our ability to welcome people to a safe place in Blair to receive prayer, encouragement, edification and practical needs fulfilled.

Nothing is too great for our God. He will turn this situation around, and He will use people like you to do it. Won’t you help us reach others with love of Jesus? Give your best gift today and help Blair Healing Rooms continue to minister God’s love and healing power to body, soul and spirit through prayer.

Please, won’t you make an online donation today and help us rebuild before the Blair Christmas in July event?

Healing Rooms Training, May 2nd and 3rd




In the Blair or Omaha area and want to learn more about Healing Rooms?  Reserve your spot today and join us at our temporary location, 231 S 9th Street in Blair, as Lee and Doris Harms conduct our May 2nd and 3rd Healing Rooms Training.

About the Speakers:  Lee and Doris Harms
International Association of Healing Rooms
Associate Regional Directors, Region 3

Former long-time Lutherans, this lay couple has ministered healing and deliverance both in the U.S. and internationally (Austria, Germany, Republic of Czech, Slovakia, Korea, Thailand, and India) for over 35 years.

Originally from SD where Lee was a college professor in civil engineering and Doris was State President of Women’s Aglow, they moved to Kansas City in 1986 and served as part of the pastoral staff at Metro Christian Fellowship for 12 years. Presently, they are part of the leadership team at Christ Triumphant Church in Lee’s Summit, MO.

Lee and Doris have been married for 50 years and have two adult children and eight grandchildren. They teach, conduct seminars and workshops, facilitate healing services, and do personal ministry as time permits. They have special insight and success in ministering deliverance to children. The Lord has called them to open healing rooms in the Kansas City region. They currently have healing rooms in Lee’s Summit and in downtown KC as part of an inner-city ministry. They are associated with the International Association of Healing Rooms which is headquartered in Spokane.


An update:

If you were to look at recent intercessory prayer lists at the Blair Healing Rooms you would see mention of specific leaders and individuals, and prayer requests for places, regions and the release of prayer strategy. Have we seen answers? Yes. Are there more to come? Absolutely.

The emphasis today is not new, but it is what He has been highlighting recently: If you want different results, changes are needed. What changes? Only God fully knows, but if you ask Him what changes pertain to your situation, He will tell you.

Many of us get comfortable. Habits form and we can manage. God wants more than a ‘manageable’ life for you. Christ came to make available abundant life. Are you willing to stretch to reach that life? Are you willing to make a different choice, one that may mean sacrifice to obey and obtain what God has for you? Are you willing to stop protecting yourself and your interests and make yourself fully available to God?

I invite you to join me and others who have said yes, we are willing to make a choice for Jesus. I cannot speak for others by telling how Jesus is asking them to stretch. I can tell you a bit about how He brought us to this point at this specific time.

God gave Blair Healing Rooms volunteers time to grow and more fully discover Him. He taught us to recognize He is Love; He is trustworthy and He is always faithful. He moved people in and out of our lives. He gave us glimpses of what was possible and of what He promised was to come. He allowed us to enjoy Him, each other and the fruit of His love as we prayed for others.

Then He began drawing us to a new level. Some were ready to embrace it, others were comfortable with the current level, and still others were seeking reassurance it was truly God speaking, after all stretching is not always comfortable. God continued to provide more glimpses into the future, speaking of a new location, Bible studies, learning opportunities, outreaches, and more intercessory prayer.

God whispered of more people to reach, more lives to touch and new ways to touch them, more physical and emotional healings, and more people receiving Jesus and plugging into local churches. He spoke of hope restored with Him receiving the glory. Dreaming with God was exciting. It was also scary, as the unknown often appears. So we waited. We prayed. But He was asking us to stretch.

People wanted to join us but we, ok I, wanted them to join a victorious celebration not the stretching. Oh, how I was selling God and the people He had chosen to walk with us short.

So, I’m coming clean today. I embrace the definition of repent that speaks of renewing your mind in agreement with God’s Word or plan. So today, I repent and get into agreement with what God has not only for the Blair Healing Rooms but also for this region. I will no longer wait to welcome people looking toward a future victory celebration. God has called many to the work and they are joining a victorious celebration: a celebration of what God is doing in and through the extended body right now, a celebration in the stretching and in what He is getting ready to do through us in the days to come.

We celebrate what God is doing, even if we have not yet seen the manifestation of every promise. We celebrate the covenant God has with this area: the unity of the brethren (Psalm 133) and His abiding presence (Psalm 91). We give thanks for God’s righteous judgment (Psalm 75) and the blessedness of answered prayer (Psalm 30).

God advised us we would take the next level by faith when we focused wholly on Him. He has promised abundantly beyond anything we can ask or think and we are ready to take Him at His Word. We will move ahead bold and confident because it is not us, it is Him. Our plans are nothing. His plans are everything.

We invite you to learn more about what is ahead for the Blair Healing Rooms. Join us
at 924 Grant Street in Blair on Thursday, October 24th at 6:30 pm to learn about new opportunities to gather and represent many churches serving one God in unity.

We’re ready to take new ground and see the prayers for the body of Christ in Blair to unite come to pass. I would like to personally invite you to join us as we move forward. Raise your voice, praise the Lord and get ready to see what He will do in our region as we unite in His Name. We are expecting souls saved, bodies and emotions healed, and relationships restored as we come together and minister God’s love in unity.

To God be the Glory!

Peace in the midst…

As the storms (literally) whip around us this evening, remember Jesus, who remained peaceful when others thought they were going to perish and with a few simple words brought that peace forth, overcoming the circumstances.