Christian Radio in Blair

Welcome to the month of December, a month of miracles as we continue in a thankful spirit to celebrate the birth of our Lord. I’m wowed by the fact that another year is almost in the history books. God has sustained us and we are thankful.

With the excitement in my family life in November, I am behind in many areas, including sharing this testimony: As you may know, Blair Healing Rooms has FCC approval to erect an antenna / start a low power FM radio station. How we started this journey a few years back was a miracle all on its own. Once we received FCC approval we started planning meetings, determined the program outline and looked at the items needed to move from a dream to a reality. Life happened, distractions came but the desire never left.

We believe God let us know in November that He wants the radio station up now. Why do we believe this? In November the schedule has been rather – let’s just call it interesting – with balancing trips to the hospital and office and volunteers trying to fill in where they could. We met new people and explored ideas to see if they were from God.

One Saturday as three volunteers were visiting in the prayer room after a rather hectic week, a gentleman came in asking about the radio station. Interesting – that doesn’t happen often – perhaps he was an interested parent who had a teen that might want to participate?  Well not quite. kytflp_small

“God sent me to help launch the radio station.”

After picking my chin up off the floor we asked to learn a bit more. This gentlemen is experienced in radio station management, has an engineer ready to hit the ground running and came in from out of town – like 70 miles out of town. It had to be God.

So, while we were looking at many opportunities for populations from 12 to 120, God highlighted the area He wants us to focus on: Christian radio broadcasting in Blair.

The cost profile hasn’t changed – it’s still a cost of $5,000 to obtain the equipment and the equipment needs to be ordered now in order to meet FCC deadlines, so we’re asking for your prayers. The two largest equipment costs are the transmitter and the Emergency Alert System (EAS). Our inquiries to radio stations thus far have not yielded a radio station we can partner with so we will need our own EAS system with a cost of $2,500.

Again, our request today is for your prayers. We know if God is going to send someone with years of experience to get us up and running, He also knows where the funds are coming from for the radio station launch and ongoing operations.

Please pray for:

  • #1 – God will be glorified as His name is transmitted through the airwaves of our community.
  • FCC requirements will be fulfilled in a timely manner and any change applications will be expedited and approved.
  • Funding for purchase or quick donation of needed equipment
  • Right pricing structure for ministry broadcast opportunities (Sunday church services / 15 min daily or weekly broadcasts, etc)
  • Right blend of local music and ministries
  • Right Spirit and discernment

Donations are being accepted at The Happening, 231 S. 9th Street, Blair, Nebraska, 68008 and on our website.

God highlighted something He wants completed.  Thank you for praying that we will move forward in everything He has for us, for our community, and for our region.

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