We need your help…

Earlier this month the Blair Healing Rooms suffered a setback when a storm blew through Washington County.  A day that started with such promise as Blair Healing Rooms opened their doors in Omaha to pray at the Cross Training Center, ended with our current Blair location flooded days before the planned launch of the new Clothed To Succeed showroom, business incubator and meeting space.

In the weeks since the storm we’ve watched as the weaknesses of the building were exposed and income opportunities lost as fixtures, furniture, surfaces and supplies were damaged while bills continued to arrive.

Blair Healing Rooms needs your help to move forward. Our dreams of a prayer house for the united body of Christ have not died. The storm did not stop the prayer, nor will it stop the praise and worship and the hand outstretched to help others. It did set us back in our ability to welcome people to a safe place in Blair to receive prayer, encouragement, edification and practical needs fulfilled.

Nothing is too great for our God. He will turn this situation around, and He will use people like you to do it. Won’t you help us reach others with love of Jesus? Give your best gift today and help Blair Healing Rooms continue to minister God’s love and healing power to body, soul and spirit through prayer.

Please, won’t you make an online donation today and help us rebuild before the Blair Christmas in July event?

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